Friday, May 25, 2007


The SC Statehouse will stop for "summer recess" on June 7th. At the suggestion of Tobacco lobbyists a last minute bill has been introduced to overturn all existing local smoke free laws. Now we need your help to make sure that the cities that want to be smoke free stay that way and this government doesn't intrude in local business.

S.C. House Judiciary Committee votes Tuesday at 2:00pm.
Please call TODAY!
Two weeks ago, you made calls that helped save nine local smoke-free air laws in South Carolina.

These laws are under attack again!

Call now and ask these House Members to KILL PREEMPTION. Preemption will take away home rule and block local control of smoke-free laws.

The tobacco industry is at it again! S.103 was a good bill to limit smoking on school campuses, until the cigarette and hospitality industries put in language that will destroy all nine of the local laws passed in the state in the last year and replace them with the weakest statewide law in the nation. Without your voice, Big Tobacco will succeed in keeping workers exposed to secondhand smoke in places like Charleston, Hilton Head Island, Sullivan's Island, Greenville, and Columbia.

Laws creating health policy at the state level should set the minimum standard of protection of citizens, not restrict local governments by setting the maximum standard of protection.


Call TODAY, it's EASY! (If they are out, leave a message)
Sample Script:

Representative ______, my name is __________, I live at 123 Main Street in (my hometown), S.C.

I am calling to ask you to vote to KILL PREEMPTION in S.103, because local governments should have the ability to pass their own laws to protect workers from secondhand smoke. Home rule decision-making gives us the ability to protect citizens in our local communities.

I believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air in public places and especially at work.

Can I count on your vote to KILL PREEMPTION in S.103 and RESTORE LOCAL CONTROL of smokefree laws?
Thank you for your vote.

Please let us know how they respond to you by sending a message to:

Thanks in advance for helping, have a Happy Memorial day weekend.

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